Life's Battles

Voice of Heart

I was frustrated. I thought I had lost the battle of life. Repeated rejections in Combined Defence Services Examination, Civil services and Judicial services shattered me. And I became a teacher by accident. However, the faith of the students gave me a meaning and direction. I realized I had a lot to give instead of living with regrets and remorse. Repeated success of my students in I.A.S, N.D.A, Bank, MNC interviews fuelled my confidence. On the top of it, my wife Gagan, very candidly asked me to stop working for the institutions that could not think beyond boundaries of syllabus. Finally, we worked together, discovered the psychological needs of the interviewer and decided to launch 'Banerjee Academy', where we could adopt every individual and polish him. And We Did. My words found place in note-books, were spoken in interviews and finally transformed the lives of hundreds. I could read in the eyes of my students a feeling of satisfaction, gratitude and love for me. Today, even a single word uttered by me matters.
So, I have succeeded in transforming obstacles into opportunities and reverses into resolution. That's how I earn bread respectfully.
Greatly indebted to Gagan, my wife, daughters - Sanjoli and Ananya and my students who sparked my imagination, offered to be experimented upon and shared their success stories to make me not just a successful IAS or a Judge but a successful Teacher who makes them so.

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